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Chaos to Collaboration

This not-for-profit organization with 12 employees was in the midst of multiple leadership changes and was spending too much money on functions that were not their core business. They also had multiple staff issues causing poor employee relations and poor employee performance. In addition, the leaders had serious concerns about information technology security.

Within four months the organization:

  • Successfully implemented staffing changes
  • Achieved regulatory compliance minimizing the threat of fines and penalties
  • Audited and corrected employee personnel files for more complete and compliant records
  • Provided required materials to employees
  • Updated the Employee Handbook for clarity of expectations and thorough communication
  • Improved multiple HR processes for efficiency and ease of administration
  • Contracted with a new CPA/accounting firm which reduced costs and simplified accounting
  • Replaced the insurance broker to achieve better advice and improved levels of service
  • Contracted with an IT adviser who reduced costs, streamlined networks and improved security

No Practice to Best Practice

Two small companies had attempted to create basic Human Resource functions, files and documentation, but when IRN completed an initial assessment it was found that:

  • Required I-9s for each employee were missing or incomplete and maintained in the wrong files
  • The Employee Handbook was incomplete and included illegal practices
  • Non-exempt employee timekeeping was not completed according to state law
  • The application for employment form was not appropriate
  • There was no new hire process or orientation
  • Information and materials required by the state were not given to employees
  • State employment regulations were not being followed

Within four months the company:

  • Created an Employee Handbook and reviewed all policies with the staff
  • Achieved compliance with state requirements
  • Achieved compliance for I-9 documentation and developed management guidelines
  • Created an application for employment form
  • Created custom time sheets and protocols and trained the staff
  • Created complete new-hire packets and orientation checklists