13 Behaviors of High-Trust Leaders

There are times in your life when you are substantially changed by others or events. In November 2011 I heard Stephen M. R. Covey present the key points of his book The Speed of Trust. It was life changing! If you do not have time right now to read the book, read what he believes are the important behaviors in high-trust leaders. And, try this. Think about someone with whom you have a high-trust relationship and answer these questions from Stephen in just one or two words: What is the relationship like? How does it feel? How well do you communicate? How quickly can you get things done? How much do you enjoy this relationship? Now, think about a low-trust relationship you have and answer the same questions. If your result is like mine it is eye-opening and almost frightening how important trust is in any relationship.

We know this instinctively, but Covey helps us understand it at all levels. As Covey says, when trust is low, speed goes down and costs go up. When trust is high, speed goes up and costs come down. Digest the thirteen behaviors Covey writes about and begin now to develop as the high-trust leader you want to be and that you need to be for success.



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