Discover the BUILDING BLOCKS for a concrete HR foundation

IRN is available today to help business owners navigate the complex Human Resource landscape for California employers. Through an online self-assessment or a complimentary consultation, IRN will be able to develop a plan to build an HR foundation that makes a difference in the lives of business owners and employees.


Self-Assessment Tool

Build your business on a strong Human Resources foundation, not quicksand. Take a few minutes to complete this easy self-assessment to see where you need guidance, answers or changes. You simply respond “Yes” “No” or “I Don’t Know” and your responses are then reviewed by IRN. They will contact you to share the results and discuss your options. Reduce your exposure and risk by first knowing where you are most vulnerable. Compliance is vital and HR best practices are important.

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Complimentary Assessment

Let’s Get Started! IRN offers a complimentary assessment to help business owners understand the current state of their HR systems, as well as their level of regulatory compliance. Request this simple and effective way to plan for improvement of your HR functions. You will be able to prioritize the steps necessary, and it only takes 60- to 90-minutes participating in a Q&A session with IRN, either in your office or on the phone. The assessment will identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement and compliance concerns.

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